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Movoto Real Estate has traveled around the country, visiting places like Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, to name a few, to discover some of the best places to live in our country. Throughout the summer and fall of 2018, we were looking for photos of our favorite spots in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a fast growing region located on the lower slopes of the eastern Oquirrh Mountains.

This place offers you all the killer views you need to embrace the area around the largest city in Utah. Zion National Park is only 50 miles away if you want to venture a little further, but this clever pun is not even half of what this place really is. s throw (about half a mile to be exact) from the park, while Millcreek Canyon is a quick drive away - and you can even walk from Salt Lake City, as well as walk - near Mill Creeks Canyon, which is also easy to reach.

This route crosses the city and is one of the most scenic and scenic routes in the entire state of Utah, and also the only one in Utah.

The Golden Field is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Utah State Capitol and the Capitol.

If you're planning a trip to the Beehive State, make sure you include this great idea in your Utah bucket list. This gem, surrounded by the iconic red rocks of southern Utah, is the perfect little place to get together with others or just a few friends. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and a delicious barbecue, and honestly, you can do nothing wrong. Including $60 television and Wi-Fi, there's no better way to sit back and relax in your own home with a great view of the Salt Lake City skyline.

This is by no means a guidebook, but we hope you will enjoy our annually updated guide to all of Utah's most popular tourist attractions. This is the perfect place to sit down to a full-blown meal and sit back and relax with a great view of Salt Lake City.

We would like to thank our friends from the SLC Water Conservation Group for helping us share some great information about Salt Lake City. KidsOutAndAbout has provided us with a great list of their favorite places for kids to splash around in the water at their local water park.

This lagoon offers over 50 rides and attractions, including water slides, water sports, live music and more. Cherry Hill offers a variety of attractions including a climbing wall, roller coasters, zip lines, a roller coaster, an indoor / outdoor water park and an amusement arcade.

South 1700 is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. Located just blocks from the Utah State Capitol, this is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation created by its proximity to the Capitol.

If you plan to visit Utah in the near future, you are in luck, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Utah. Not to mention, Kaysville seems like a really wonderful place to raise a family, not only because of its proximity to the Utah State Capitol, but also because of its beautiful surroundings. Whatever your reason for visiting Utah, here are some of our best Airbnb's that you should consider to find the best that Utah has to offer. This beautiful house offers a balcony as a luxurious accommodation and can accommodate up to 14 people with an extra bed.

What I love about this cottage is that it is right next to the Utah State Capitol, just a few blocks from the Salt Lake City area, where you can have fun in the summer.

With so much to see and do in Holladay, you will probably have plenty of fun while you are there, but if you need a bit more adventure, Salt Lake City is a scenic 18-minute drive away. Also, remember to carry a list of activities in SaltLake City, and I have listed sightseeing as one of them, because there is a lot to do. For Halloween, visit places that are open to the public or learn about the ghosts of Salt Lake City, as we were looking for a real horror.

The place is incredible and there is plenty to do if you don't mind taking a short hike to escape others. Just continue down the little Cottonwood Canyon Road and hike for a while before heading southeast into the mountains and continuing to find some unique spots.

Holladay has all the advantages of a small town with many attractions and activities, a plus that comes with being in a smaller town. Holladay borders Salt Lake City to the west and north and south, and boasts some of the best hiking and biking trails in the state, as well as some great restaurants and bars. North Salt Lake has a wide selection of restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and even a few restaurants.

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